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Famous Faces WebSite
coming soon
This will be the new location for www.GeneralCelebrities.com shortly.
If you prefer the sound of General Celebrities, don't worry.
When this site is ready, GeneralCelebrities.com will be pointed here.
That means the old and new URL's will both take you to the new site.
Bookmark whichever one you prefer.
With the new site layout it will be much easier for me to add new material, and since my business is website hosting and design, I am not limited as to how big this site can get. I plan to make this site one of the largest "family friendly" celebrity sites on the net.

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Sorry for the long delay in getting the new site going. There's been far too much going on for me to work on this site for a while, but that should change soon. For now, I did just do a few captures of Jennifer Finnigan from "Close to Home" and put them on this site to give you an idea of how this new site will work. To see those captures, click here.
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